Taverna Kyclades, the best chicken kebab in New York


2 GrumChicken kebab is definitely an all time favorite summer food. Our go-to kebab joint in New York is Taverna Kyckades, where the chicken kebab is simply out of this world. This Greek eatery cooks the chicken to perfection, the combination of tender meat in the inside with the grilled skin is always a hit. The only downside? You’ll probably have to wait a while for a seat at Taverna Kyclades but this is meat worth waiting for. The menu is fairly simple, and to be honest we went straight to the chicken kebab. The waiter quickly got us a huge loaf of warm bread soaked  with olive oil, which is always a nice treat when you’re waiting for your dish.

Back to business, how was that chicken kebab? Taverna Kyclades uses all natural chicken breasts which is the most tender part for skewers and they must have used a light marinade which adds some creativity to the meat. The portion was gigantic and we felt pretty full at the end of the meal. It’s true that grilled chicken makes up for a great complete meal, especially since it came with a bunch of delicious chargrilled veggies. Let’s be honest, meat on a stick is the best thing invented since slice bread, and Taverna Kyclades probably makes the best chicken kebab in New York.



228 1st Ave New York, NY 10009 | (212) 432-0011
3307 Ditmars Blvd Astoria, NY 11105 | (718) 545-8666


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