SUGARPLUM CAKE SHOP, the best carrot cake in Paris?


1 GrumIt seems like American cuisine is all around these days, let’s have a shot at a new coffee shop which is supposed to make the best carrot cake in Paris. Sugarplum Cake Shop is located in the Latin Quarter, one of the most lively neighborhoods in the city. Once inside, I felt back in the good old days when I was living in Brooklyn and I would spend hours in local coffeeshops working on law school casebooks.
The real star of the show at Sugarplum was the magnificent carrot cake: the cake itself was very moist with the right amount of spices and not too sweet. The vanilla cream inside was incredibly rich, just how I like it. Probably the best carrot cake in Paris.
What about the cheesecake? It was also quite well executed. The cheesecream is flavorful but I found the crust was not crunchy enough, maybe because it was dampened by the humidity of the cream.
All in all, Sugarplum Cake Shop is a great address for those of you looking for great cakes in the heart of the Latin Quarter.

alt="sugarplum cake shop paris"


68 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine
75005 Paris
Quartier : Panthéon/Monge/Mouffetard


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