What are the best burgers in New-York? Introducing that topic in a conversation might be a devastating bombshell as everyone will be very emotional about their preferences. Here is our try, don’t hesitate to tell us your favorite New-York burger:

ISLAND BURGERS AND SHAKESalt="Islands Burgers and Shakes best burgers New-York  " is probably my favorite one. Being easily intimidated by so many choices such as the Napalm Burger, we ended up ordering a Cowboy Burger which always steals the show (BBQ sauce, sauteed onions, bacon and cheddar).
The sourdough bread that goes with it was not the most well fitted so we changed for a ciabbata bun. The fries are fantastic fries, golden crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.
Click here for all the info about Island Burgers and Shakes.


The unavoidable SHAKE SHACK burger is probably the best fast food burger we had during our stay in New-York. We even wrote a full review about our lunch there. The bun is very lightly buttered and toasted to a golden brown. The pattie — mostly made up with sirloin beef — is flavorful and tender. We loved the shake sauce, you can truly feel a mix of mayo and ketchup with a hint of paprika.

alt="Shake Shack best burgers New-York  "

After opening a location in London last year, we really hope Shake Shack will open a store in Paris someday. This could free us from the McDonad’s preemienence over the city.
Pour retrouver toutes les adresses et les horaires, cliquez ici.


alt="Dumont burger best burgers New-York  "DUMONT BURGER, is supposedly where you can find the best burger in Brooklyn. The burger is not huge in terms of diameter but its beef pattie is very thick. It was cooked correctly and had a great grilled beef flavor, just like it should be.
It comes around $14 for without toppings and without fries.
Hours of opening and full menu of Dumont Burger can be found here.


MARK BURGER is probably the most tiny and unassuming burger place in New-York but it’s entirely worth it. The menu was simple. Sliders, aka mini burgers which come with cheese and caramelized onions. They also have a bacon option. $2.50 each.
You would expect cheap food to not be that great, but it’s definitely the opposite here. It’s probably not one of the best burgers in New-York but it’s still very decent.
If you want to know more about the sliders at Mark Burger, click here.

alt="mark burger best burgers New-York  "


The BURGER JOINT is located in one of the fanciest hotels of New-York, the Parker Meridien. The secret has been out for years about how tasty the burgers are here, but it didn’t stop us from feeling pulled far from the luxurious hotel in midtown and into a local neighborhood burger joint upon entering. The prices are cheap and the burgers are char-grilled which give them an interesting twist even though I found it lacked a bit of seasoning.

alt="burger joint meridien best burgers New-York " The fries at the Burger Joint are very disappointing, they really smelled like frozen fries. We’ll definitely come back for the burger though.
All the info about the Burger Joint at the Meridien are here.


alt="best burgers New-York  spotted pig"For our lunch at the SPOTTED PIG, we splited their famous Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort Cheese & Shoestring Fries. This is a house classic in this trendy gastropub located in the West Village. Yes, you might have to wait and most likely you will. The decor could certainly use a small update but it does the trick.
Back to business, the burger was not amazing. Maybe we went in with too high of expectations, but we thought it was underwhelming. Or maybe it was because we’re not big fans of Roquefort cheese and it was a bit overpowering. Or maybe it was because it was pretty pricey for a burger ($20).
Click here for all the info about the Spotted Pig.


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