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2 GrumAfter a bad banh mi experience in Paris, we decided to give a second chance to the beloved Vietnamese sandwich at Banh Mi Zon located on the other side of the Atlantic in New-York.
Located in the heart of the East Village, Banh Mi Zon is apparently worth a trip since most of the reviews we’ve read were apologetic about their Vietnamese sandwichs. The traditional banh mi is priced 6,50$ which isn’t cheap, but it’s huge and we had to share it.

We didn’t regret experiencing a banh mi again as this one was very well executed. There was almost no seating in the restaurant, most of people got their banh mi to go but we got the small bench close to the entrance door.
We had the classic Banh Mi with pate, Vietnamese ham, shredded pork and usual vegetable toppings.

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The Banh Mi Zon sandwich had all the necessary makings of a magnificent banh mi. The bread is soft and flaky, the vegetables taste fresh and they’re all perfectly layered, and the pate is flavorful. The meat is perfectly seasoned, which gives a lot of freshness to the sandwich.

We highly recommend you to stop by Banh Mi Zon, not only for the sandwich but also for the mawkish Vietnamese music my step-father would listen to. I’ve heard Banh Mi Zon also makes the best Vietnamese iced coffee in the East Village.
To know more about the opening hours and the full menu click here.

443 E 6th St
New York, NY 10009
+1 646-524-6384

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