A FuirWhat is a banh mi? This surprising sandwich was introduced in Vietnam by the French during the colonial period. It combines the best of both worlds: the French baguette, the pâté and mayonnaise with native Vietnamese ingredients (cilantro, pickled cucumbers and carrots, marinated meat). Now, let’s talk about Banh Mi Nomade.
On line with the food trucks craze happening in Paris, two ex-expats girls have decided to park their truck close to the the BNF, the French national library, and sell their banh mi.
The combo banh mi/dessert is priced at €9 which is not cheap. The banh mi itself cost from €6,50 to €7, quite expensive as well for a sandwich. Banh Mi Nomade also carries Marou chocolate, made by two Frenchmen in Vietnam as well.

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Was it good? The bread was not bad, but not chewy enough to our taste.
Too bad the inside of the banh mi was very disappointing. The sauce was not very flavorful and the quality of the meat was even worse, too fat to our taste.
The carrots and the daikon had not been marinated well and were quite tasteless. Banh Mi Nomade tried to add its own twist to the traditional banh mi recipe by adding a few salad leaves, but it wa a fail as they became very damp.

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Desserts were even worse. We had a red berries mousse and a passion fruits panna cotta. Both were very liquid, and didn’t deserve to be called mousse or panna cotta.
After this disappointing travel into Vietnamese street food in Paris, we’ll probably stick to ham and cheese sandwich for a while. The only good points are the short wait and the kindness of the staff.
If you want to know more about the hours, price and menus at Banh Mi Nomade, click here.

128-162 avenue de France sur le parvis du MK2
75013 Paris

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