It’s raining in Paris? Have some banana creme brulee tart


1 GrumLet’s face it, Paris is a lot like London these days. The best antidote lies in a wonderful pastry we’ve just discovered. Bread and Roses is a wonderful pastry shop nearby the Jardin du Luxembourg. The interior is cosy and comfortable. But the real gem inside is definitely the banana creme brulee tart.

Here is the magical equation. Banana + creme brulée = heaven

My friend chose the cheesecake – excuse him, he’s very ordinary – while I got the banana and creme brulee tart. That might be the best sweet food I’ve had in 2014. Look at that beautiful caramelized crust, now imagine the smooth banana flavored custard. The constitency of the custard is perfect and the pie crust is not too thick.

bread and roses 3

Cheesecake ? Not so ordinary after all

The cheesecake looked pretty classic on paper but  it is a hit as well. The flavor of the cream cheese was delicate and the consistency neither too creamy nor too cake-like. The graham crackers biscuit was thick enough but not overwhelming. We all know cheesecake is all about finding the right balance. Bread and Roses found it.

bread and roses 4

bread and roses 1

The pastries at Bread and Roses were not only very well executed, they were breathtaking. The price might be breathtaking as well for your wallet. Service reminded us that the reputation of Parisian waiters being rude shall be well deserved after all.

€9 for a pastry, about the same for a delicious (yet overpriced) hot chocolate. 


62, rue Madame
75006 Paris
Quartier : Luxembourg/Rennes/Notre-Dame-des-Champs

25, rue Boissy d’Anglas
75008 Paris
Quartier : Madeleine/Saint-Honoré/Concorde

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