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1 Grumbread and roses carteDon’t be mistaken by the Anglo-Saxon name of the bakery Bread and Roses, this is a true Parisian hit. Most of the things you’ll find inside are typically French except maybe for the scones (but it does not count because they don’t come with clotted cream).  Founded by Philippe Tailleur, this cafe has been very successful since its opening rue de Fleurus a decade ago, and the opening of a second location in the more prestigious 8th arrondissement, close to Madeleine has given Bread and Roses more exposure to tourists. Some people say it’s the best place to have breakfast in Paris. I respectfully disagree.

Wandering in the rue Boissy d’Anglas, only a few blocks away from Madeleine, we stopped at the bakery Bread and Roses for a late breakfast on Saturday morning. There are about 40 seatings in this cafe, much more than at the other Bread and Roses nearby the Jardin du Luxembourg. We ordered some pastries, supposed to be delicious, and the scones which I’ve never tried yet.  The swirl was  somewhat deceiving. Maybe not very fresh, I hope for them it was an accident.  The scones were much better, warm and flaky as I like to devour them. Too bad they came with Lilliputians portions of butter, whipped cream and jam.

The iced tea looked like the best option as it was so hot outside these days in Paris. Not only is it refreshing but the ginger and citrus scents add a delicious touch. It’s also rather expensive (€12 a glass). The staff at Bread and Roses is nice but somewhat messy, no apologies for the dirty spoon and the missing napkins.

bread and roses dejeuner

All in all, the bakery Bread and Roses is a good breakfast option in Paris except if you’re on a budget and starving like death. The bakery next to the Jardin du Luxembourg is definitely my favourite, as it’s still more intimate and the pastries were much better than at the Madeleine location. Bread and Roses also offers a lunch menu for those of you waking up too late for breakfast, it’s not cheap but the sandwiches are not bad and they also make a few good tarts.

If you still want to know more about Bread and Roses, hours of opening and full menu, click here.

25 rue Boissy d’Anglas 75008
7, rue de Fleurus 75006

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  1. Zero rating: Last week I went to this deli/cafe with my brother and 5 yr old daughter. From the moment we sat down we sensed a very weird and negative vibe from the owner. He rudely asked why we’d put 2 tables together during lunch hour-we didn’t put the tables together, the waitress did (but we did not move to take over the other table, my daughter sat on the stool provided for her when we first sat down, 3 of us at a 2 person table with no complaints). Why not ask us politely? We should have just have left right then, however, we stayed and ordered. After politely requesting another plate and cutlery (we had told him we’d be sharing), another serviette more than once-what kind of service is this? We had to keep asking for basics, including a stronger coffee, it was so weak.. All asked for without any attitude whatsoever, in fact during the short time we were there we weren’t too bothered by the poor service. However, suddenly, from nowhere, the owner storms over to our table and starts publicly abusing us, even having the gall to ask if we are American (we’re not but talk about a racist attitude!) His rudeness (bordering on aggression) to us in front of a cafe full of people was like something from a bad movie with a stereotypically rude and arrogant Frenchman. I honestly thought for a moment that it was a candid camera moment but sadly it was real. So we up and left, of course he added, just for that extra bit of nastiness that he felt sorry for my daughter! Was there no limit to his abuse? Well I felt sorry for my daughter too, she’d hardly touched her food (none of us had), was crying and had to be carried out of the cafe. The whole place was silent and the people sitting next to us looked mortified and very embarrassed, especially when he demanded to know if we were American. I could have said a lot of things to this man but decided to not up the ante, especially in front of my young daughter. I can honestly say we were not rude, demanding or arrogant, it was our second day in Paris and we were so happy to be there , so from our side we weren’t looking for a fight at all. Whatever he felt about us he should have just left us in peace (we were a quiet table just wanting to eat and get on with sight seeing) and that would have been the end of it. It was one of the worst experiences of my life quite frankly , so do avoid this cafe/deli at all costs, especially when there are so many fabulous cafes in Paris owned by genuinely lovely, warm and welcoming Parisians (a lot cheaper too). I would strongly advise Americans (as a point of honour, because he clearly doesn’t like you) to stay away. It didn’t ruin our holiday but you know, it almost did, he really was very aggressive, and for what?

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