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2 GrumOnce upon a time, my daily routine used to revolve around Louvard, this wonderful bakery at Miromesnil in Paris. It might seems exaggerated but it’s true. The viennoiseries are very flavorful, my favorite one is the chocolate croissant which is one of the best I’ve had in Paris. The butter croissant was not bad, and the other thing you shouuld try is the pain aux raisins. It contained the right amount of cream in its heart and I loved the fact it was slightly crispy on the sides.

Finding a bakery at Miromesnil is not that easy as the neighborhood  is very touristy and slightly snobbish but Louvard is quite an exception, as the price tag remains reasonable (about €1.20 for a croissant or a pain aux raisins). If you stop by Louvard bakery during the week you’ll notice the long line of white collars employees who come to get their daily sandwich there.
I have a slight preference for the Landais sandwich which comes in a poppy baguette. It’s made with magret de canard, a few salad leaves and some grapefruit segments which add a lot of freshness to the whole thing. Nothing to die for but it’s still worth it if you’re looking for a solid sandwich in the neighborhood.

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Is there any desserts worth a shot at Louvard? We tried the lemon pie soufflée, there’s no real soufflée to speak of actually but it’s still flavorful. There’s an intense lemon flavor, which is clearly not artificial, it’s topped by a generous layer of meringue which soften the tangy aftertaste. Nothing sophisticated but the portion is large and quite flavorful.

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A bakery at Miromesnil with prices that low is surprising, count from €3 for a basic sandwich. We highly recommend you to pass by there if you’re staying in Paris, the viennoiseries are better than what you’ll find in any cafe and the sandwich are much more authentic than the ones at Cojean.
Louvard even has a website if you want to take a closer look at their offering, opening hours and prices, click here.

43 Rue de Miromesnil
75008 Paris

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