Sponge cakes have made their way to Paris


1 Grum1What do you know about the angel cake? Nope, there’s no religious hint behind, the angel cake is nothing less than a sweeter version of the sponge cake. As much as I enjoy the aerated structure of sponge cakes, I find them a bit boring. Angel cakes add some fun by adding more texture and sweetness.

A few years ago, Youlin Ly, a Japanese chef settled in Paris and opened an incredible angel cakes store.

There’s no need to feel guilty, this is light

Don’t get scared, the angel cake is a lightweight despite the added whipped cream on top. There’s not an ounce of butter in there, which might be reason why it’s so popular with girls. We headed to the 5th arrondissement, where Youlin Ly operates Ciel. The boxes themselves are a true wonder, an easy way to impress your guests.



Is the Angel Cake really worth it?

Ciel is definitely the spot to go to in Paris if you’re craving for angel cakes. The texture of the genoise is super aerated, light as a particle. However, it would be pretty bland without the flavored whipped creams. The caramel and the matcha green tea whipped creams were my favorites, giving an interesting sourness to the cake.

€5 for a cake to go, €7 if you eat it on the spot

3 Rue Monge
75005 Paris
+33 1 43 29 40 78
Quartier : Maubert-Mutualité/La Sorbonne/Quartier latin/Cardinal Lemoine


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