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3 GrumWe were walking towards Prospect Park when we saw a line in front what appeared to be an ice-cream shop. Ample Hills does not make traditional ice-creams, they add amazing toppings inside so it gives a crunchy twist.
Finding low calories ice-creams at Ample Hills is like finding a Dunkin Donuts in Sahara. I was a bit afraid when I saw the selection of flavors, but they were actually consistently delicious and true to their name, which is not easy to find nowadays.
The main drawback though is the line at Ample Hills. Be prepared to wait for at least 30 minutes during peak hours.

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Once you look at this amazing black board inside, you just want to dive into the huge ice-cream recipient in the backroom. Brian Smith, the founder and owner almost deserves to have his face reproduced on the United States mint. Because his ice-creams are a concentrate of all we like, natural products, and no such things as low calories or sorbets at Ample Hills, and we actually like that.
So what? We’ve tried dozens of ice-cream providers over many continents (two, actually) and Ample Hills is a solid contender (though we also had a crush for Grom, Laboratorio del Gelato, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and even Serendipity 3). If you stop by, give a shot to Sweet As Honey or Salted Caramel — the only caramel ice-cream which tastes like when you plunge your spoon in a caramel saucepan.

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We even tried the Sundae at Ample Hills, one of the best we ever tried. We plunged our spoon again and again mechanically.
We came back and went even further, the Crossing Brooklyn Ferry was really tempting on the black board. Three ice-cream scoops, whipped cream, banana and caramel fudge topped on a delicious cake. It’s quite something if you ask me.

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You’ll probably find the best ice -reams in Prospect at Ample Hills. Of course it’s not as trashy and regressive as Big Gay Ice Cream (remember, we tried for you a few weeks ago). If you want to know more about the menu, prices and hours at Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn, click here.

623 Vanderbilt Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238
+1 347-240-3926

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