Acide Macarons: magical pastries in Paris


2 GrumLe Grumeau tried Jonathan Blot’s macarons in his Batignolles shop, and kept them in high regard. So much that it seemed just impossible not to make a little visit to his new shop in the Rue du Bac. But this time, to lessen the guilt, we decided to have a go at his pastries. Reasonable, I will strive to be!

Once in front of those pretty pastries, I am ridden with dilemma: should I take the blackberry cheesecake or the mango-pineapple-coconut saint-honoré? The chocolate and tea pie or the lemon-yuzu one? And what about the paris-brest? After a great deal of hesitation, I settled for the lemon-yuzu pie and the paris-brest (Oops! I am afraid, I just can’t resist praliné …).


Le Paris-Brest d’Acide, pâtisserie rue du Bac

The delicious looking paris-brest is made of 4 bite-sized choux buns. So it’s easy to eat without having to smear the cream all over the place. A good start ! The choux pastry is good and dry enough to balance the creaminess of the chestnut mousseline. Here, I must pause to tell you a bit more about the cream… It was airy and smooth, with a delicate chestnut taste. This taste was strengthened by the roasted chestnut halves scattered all around the sides of our paris-brest. And, as if to say it wasn’t good enough, under the cream, at the bottom of the chou bun, is hidden a dash of crunchy praliné… How could one’s good resolution not be shaken by such a treat?


La tarte au citron signée Jonathan Blot

If your willpower is not yet vanquished, prepare for the lemoj-yuzu pie. Upon the first bite, I could only think about one thing : yuzu… Yummy! Then came the lemon, and the biscuit taste of the pie crust. It’s well balanced, neither too sweet, nor too sour. The yuzu flavored meringue is creamy, and brings a hint of freshness to the dessert. The lemon cream is perfectly smooth and the crust adds the necessary texture. If you hadn’t guessed already : I liked the lemoj-yuzu pie! I might have wished for a little more acidity though, but it’s probably just just me.


Autopsie de la tarte au citron

Last but not least, all the pastries, but the lemon-yuzu pie, change along with the seasons. An additional excuse (if needed one) to come back every once in a while. Master Blot, I am definitely under you spell!

Prices : €6,10€-€6,80€

10 Rue du Bac
75007 Paris
01 42 61 60 61
Quartier : Rue du Bac/Saint-Germains-des-Prés/Solférino

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