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A Fuiralt="Abantal Seville"

Sevilla. Tapas and Gazpachos were more than recommended since the temperature reached 140° Fahrenheit.
But the Michelin guide advised us to go to Abantal, a creative mundane restaurant. At the time, we thought we had nailed a pseudo El Bulli in Sevilla, without the waitlist and the skyrocketing prices. It turned out a bit differently.
The restaurant was empty, but nothing to worry about: there was an important soccer game that night, some kind of classico as they say here. The tasting menu seemed like a real deal for a one Michelin star restaurant, €57 for seven dishes.


Little amuses to start.
Gazpacho with cheese mousse. Really creative and refreshing despite the disappointing grainy texture of the mousse.
Shrimps with garlic and almonds cream was equally creative despite the poor plating. Too bad the cream was anything but creamy.
Oyster, bland espuma and thick cauliflower cream. Still looking for the Michelin Star somewhere in the cream.

alt="Abantal first courses"

It disappeared for good with the Foie Gras yogurt and peach sauce. I’d bet the foie gras comes from the nearby deli and had been mixed with a Danone yogurt. My pal was really feeling nauseous after eating it.

alt="Abantal foie gras"

alt="Abantal fish"Maigre and puree style espuma.
The fish was overcooked, and somewhat bland. My pal even had bones.

After the culinary chaos came the sanitary one: bloody pork with comfit onions. Pork always needs to be cooked well to avoid diseases and bad surprises. Maybe bloody pork is a tradition in Sevilla.
Raw calmars came with the pork, I’m still wondering what was the point of associating them with the pork.

alt="Abantal pork"

Cheese plate was well executed, though service was desperately absent to get some bread. Here again came the onions comfit we had with the pork. Bad surprise.

Pistachio sponge cake had no taste but came with a tasty lemon ice cream.

alt="Abantal Sponge Cake"

Honestly, €57 for the meal was not such a deal after all. That night we almost felt we had been ripped off by the Michelin Guide, it never got us that wrong. We left quietly, more dubious than ever about this star dashing off in the night.

Calle Alcalde José de la Bandera, 7
41003 Sevilla
+34 954 54 00 00

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