A lunch at CAFÉ FRANÇAIS in Paris, they (re)took La Bastille

About a year ago, the Beaumarly Group, specialized in the hospitality industry, decided to take over le Café Francais located place de la Bastille and have India Madhavi make a ...

13 – A BAKER’S DOZEN, a true gem in Saint-Germain des Prés

Things are shaking up in the 6th arrondissement, little by little. We recently heard that Sugarplum Cake Shop cofounder, Laurel Sanderson, had opened up her own place, 13-a Baker’s Dozen, not far from Saint ...

Lunch at the COPENHAGUE: not a plain vanilla meal

Breaking new : the Copenhague restaurant in Paris will feature an exclusive vanilla menu from May 15 until May 29th. Not only desserts will include vanilla but also dishes. The ...

Du nouveau dans nos fourneaux

CROM’EXQUIS, we came back with La Fourchette

Crom’Exquis keeps on keeping on. You may remember our fantastic dinner there a few months ago. We came back, as part of the big Tour de Tables contest organized by La Fourchette. [The best restaurants reviews on the website will be rewarded with exclusive gastronomic week-ends.] We started with the usual cromesquis, a delicate invention of [...]

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JEAN-PAUL HEVIN, great pastries and stratospheric chocolates

Jean-Paul Hevin is one of the best chocolate makers in France. Yet, he’s not as famous as La Maison du Chocolat, not as eccentric as Patrick Roger, not as outgoing as Jacques Génin. It’s a shame because not only his chocolates are marvellous but also his pastries. We had a shot at the lemon pie, [...]

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TEMPERO, a great restaurant in the 13th arrondissement

Tempero is a true gem located not far from Austerlitz train station. Those familiar with Paris will realize for sure that it’s a real accomplishment to find a solid restaurant in the 13th arrondissement. I was more than dubious when I heard the chef likes to mix French, Brazilian and Vietnamese cuisines. What a strange [...]

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FRAGMENTS, a great coffeeshop in Marais, Paris

Today, we’ll introduce you to a neat coffeeshop in Marais. Le Marais is a great neighborhood located between Bastille and Hotel de Ville, where most of Parisian hipsters seem to live in. But just like Williamsburg, it gets extremely crowded during week-ends. But if you stroll down one of this back lane, you might stumble on [...]

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SUGARPLUM CAKE SHOP, the best carrot cake in Paris?

It seems like American cuisine is all around these days, let’s have a shot at a new coffee shop which is supposed to make the best carrot cake in Paris. Sugarplum Cake Shop is located in the Latin Quarter, one of the most lively neighborhoods in the city. Once inside, I felt back in the good [...]

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TOP OF THE MONTH | March 2014

We strive to sum up every month our three favorite spots, the ones you should not forget. You’d better read and take notes, this is golden!  – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – • #1 [...]

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PIZZA DEI CIOPPI, the best pizza al taglio in Paris?

Good news for all Italian cuisine afficionados in Paris, the founder of the Caffè dei Cioppi has just opened an incredible pizza joint in the 11th arrondissement, unsurprisingly named the Pizza dei Cioppi. They’re making traditional al taglio pizza in rectangular molds which is not common in Paris. The dough is quite thick but the [...]

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MARIA LUISA, a very honest pizza in Paris

There’s so much hype now around the Canal Saint Martin, it seems like every new concept opening in Paris is located in this area. We really liked some of these new food concepts, but others were unsatisfying to say the least. Maria Luisa is a pizza place that was recommended by a great friend of [...]

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Food revolution in French trains: BOCO are now on board

Boco is a well established food concept founded a few years ago in Paris, which recently extended its offers in French trains. Boco consist in fresh meals and desserts served in mason jars, nothing revolutionary but it’s tempting. As soon as we seated in our train heading to Brittany, we rushed to the food bar [...]

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The Restaurant 36 in Amboise, a true wonder in the Loire Valley

We had a really convincing meal at the restaurant 36 in Amboise, which is located in the hotel Le Choiseul. I started with a butternut velouté which was flavorful and generous, it came with a marvelous Parmesan cheese cracker. Then I had great crispy langoustines in kadaif, this sort of oriental puff pastry. It gave a nice [...]

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The MEATBALL SHOP by Michael Chernow, is it worth all the hype?

Opening a restaurant serving almost exclusively meatballs is a bold move (who said everybody in New York was getting vegan?) but it’s been a huge success so far for Michael Chernow, the founder of the Meatball Shop. We’ve been very pleasantly surprised by this new concept. The decor is neat, we loved the tiled bar [...]

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5 amazing champagnes under €30: listen to the expert

Julien Zika is a Champagne expert. He spends most of his free-time visiting the vineyards of the region and he has published an online guide entirely dedicated to champagne with more than 700 references. Here’s a few recommendations he has for us. Champagne: it’s time to reconsider your favorite bubbly bottles The Champagne region produces [...]

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6036, a mysterious name for a new izakaya in Paris

My father is always well informed and told me the sous chef at Abri hah opened her own izakaya, this traditional Japanese restaurant, in Paris: it’s called 6036. The dishes come in very small portions, so do the prices (around €10 for each dish). We loved the uber-delicate butternut velouté which came with an orange blossom espuma. We were [...]

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SOUS LES CERISIERS, an amazing Japanese restaurant near Montparnasse

A few weeks ago, my father brought me to Sous les Cerisiers, one of his go-to restaurant in Paris close to Montparnasse. I liked the very zen decor though the star of the show was what was inside the plate. I had the €19 bento [served only at lunch time] which is a really good [...]

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