L’Epicuriste, it’s worth the detour

Not far from Montparnasse, l’Epicuriste is a great pick for those looking for bistronomic cuisine. The setting might not be ideal for a first date but what’s in the plate is ...

Vegetable paste, a new delicious candy is born in Paris

Fruit paste is a traditional French candy, made with crystallized fruit. It’s really delicious when well executed, too bad it’s considered really old fashioned now. No one ever thought about ...

Casimir, a great French bistro with a Brittany twist

It can get difficult to find solid restaurants nearby Gare du Nord, in the 10th arrondissement. We’ve recently stopped by Casimir, a bistro opened a few years ago by talented chef Tierry ...


It’s raining in Paris? Have some banana creme brulee tart

Let’s face it, Paris is a lot like London these days. The best antidote lies in a wonderful pastry we’ve just discovered. Bread and Roses is a wonderful pastry shop nearby the Jardin du Luxembourg. The interior is cosy and comfortable. But the real gem inside is definitely the banana creme brulee tart. Here is the magical [...]


Glady’s, memorable Caribbean food in Prospect Heights

Glady’s is a trendy Caribbean cuisine spot in Prospect Heights, a living proof that the neighborhood changes quickly and now offers an interesting array of food. One of the best selections of Rums in the city The easiest way to put yourself in the mood is to start off with a couple of cocktails. The Mai Tai is [...]


Sponge cakes have made their way to Paris

What do you know about the angel cake? Nope, there’s no religious hint behind, the angel cake is nothing less than a sweeter version of the sponge cake. As much as I enjoy the aerated structure of sponge cakes, I find them a bit boring. Angel cakes add some fun by adding more texture and sweetness. [...]


5 great restaurants open in August in Paris

August is a month off in Paris, many restaurants are closed and everybody is in vacations. This is a true shame for such a touristy city. But the good news is that often times you don’t need a reservation for restaurants which are open. Here’s a list of amazing tables which stay open all summer long, and where [...]


Salvatore Rotiroti, the real king of pizza in Paris

Salvatore Rotiroti came all the way from his native Calabria to Paris to teach us, the French people, what is a proper pizza. Don’t think twice if you’re craving for a good pizza while in Paris, run to Salvatore’s pizza joint. Despite its name, Il Brigante won’t ripp you off unlike many touristy Parisian restaurants. Remember, don’t assume [...]


The Bowery Hotel: vintage though timeless interior design

The reason why the Bowery Hotel is one of the most iconic places to stay in New-York. It’s not part of a luxurious chain of hotels, and there’s no superstar designer behind the project, but that’s what makes it all the more interesting. Design of the bedroom: a tasteful combination of modern and vintage You instantly [...]


Vinegar Hill House pancake, here is the beast

Vinegar Hill is one of the most hip neighborhoods of Downtown Brooklyn. It’s less busy and touristy than Dumbo, and the atmosphere is really charming, thanks to the cobble streets and the colorful townhouses.  We stopped by Vinegar Hill House for brunch last weekend, and it turned out to be a place where (real) locals get their daily [...]


Top of the Month | July 2014

We’ve been disappointed here and there again in July, but let’s put the past behind us and have a look at the things we loved.  – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – • #1 ANDY WALHOO, [...]


Go get dessert next time: we tried Shake Shack chocolate Concrete

We all know how great shake shack burgers are. No need to dwell for hours on the juicy patty, the golden bun and the special shack sauce. Remember what happened last time you had one? You didn’t have room for dessert, right? Don’t make the same mistake next time and have a shot at Shake [...]


Taverna Kyclades, the best chicken kebab in New York

Chicken kebab is definitely an all time favorite summer food. Our go-to kebab joint in New York is Taverna Kyckades, where the chicken kebab is simply out of this world. This Greek eatery cooks the chicken to perfection, the combination of tender meat in the inside with the grilled skin is always a hit. The only downside? You’ll probably [...]


Where to have a Cuban Sandwich in Soho?

You must have heard about the Cuban sandwich. I love this delicioux combo of thin pork slices, ham and cheese with pickles. The toasted panini-like bread adds a lot of texture. It’s really hard to find any in France, people love their traditional jambon-beurre. So where is the best spot to find a Cuban sandwich [...]


La Palmeraie, a sumptuous meal in a georgous setting

Gigaro is only a few minutes by car from St-Tropez and the ride is entirely worth it if you stop at La Palmeraie. We had dinner there a few months ago, under the palm trees, overlooking the beautiful provençal landscape. PROVENCAL CUISINE WITH A TWIST Things got quickly serious with the celeriac in remoulade, cherry tomatoes and olives. Celeriac [...]


Morocco meets pop art in a cocktail bar, that’s Andy Wahloo

Walou is a typical Moroccan term referring to something you don’t have the answer to. You’ll fully understand the pun and the reference to Andy Warhol once you get inside, they successfully associated north African style with a hint of modern art and pop. Think comfortable leather bench seat and mosaic style coffee tables. The bartender [...]


La Pinède, a different take on the French Riviera

We all hate the show-off atmosphere at St-Tropez, that’s exactly why we went off the beaten path, in Gigaro. In this charming village, you’ll be find a peaceful hotel overviewing a breathtaking landscape. La Pinède offers more than a private beach, there’s also a pool, a nice bar area and well decorated bedrooms. Don’t be afraid [...]

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